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Earthen Medicine

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What to Expect

To help prepare for our initial visit together you will need to complete an intake form, a consent form, and a privacy form, found in the patient portal and submit them to Dr.Arthen 72-hours before your scheduled appointment. If you are able please gather any lab work, or diagnostic testing reports, and bring them to the initial visit.


The layout of the visit will consist of an extensive interview, a physical assessment, review of medications and supplements, lab work and diagnostic testing assessment and an individualized plan of care.


Extensive Interview

No one knows your body and health better than you and it is Dr. Arthen’s job to obtain the details needed to paint a well rounded picture of your state of being. The purpose of the extensive interview is to do just that, so be prepared to answer a variety of questions as honestly as you are able. It is Dr. Arthen’s goal to create a comfortable and judgement free environment in which this conversation will come easily.


Review of Medications and Supplements

Bring any medications and supplements with current dosages that you are taking to your first visit. Please also have a list of medications and supplements you have tried in the past.


Lab work and Diagnostic Testing Assessment

Gather together and bring with you any recent lab work such as blood work, hair analysis, stool analysis etc, and any other diagnostic reports you have. 


Individualized Plan of Care

After collecting all the details Dr. Arthen will partner with you to create a plan of action for addressing your concerns. This will most likely include nutritional recommendations, lifestyle modifications, supplement adjustments, and possibly referrals for further diagnostic analysis or other modalities of care. 


Dr. Arthen looks forward to working with you on optimizing your health and wellbeing. 

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