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About Earthen Medicine

- whole body - whole being - whole health -

Meet Anya Arthen, ND, PharmD

          As a naturopathic physician and pharmacist, Dr. Arthen has insight into both sides of the healthcare spectrum, which forms her unique perspective. Her passion and desire to aid people in finding their path to a healthy and joyful life fuels her continuous pursuit of knowledge; gaining a deeper understanding of health and the human experience. Equipped with this knowledge and understanding as well as compassion, Dr. Arthen creates a safe and comfortable space for individuals of all ages, genders, and cultural backgrounds.


          She received her doctor of pharmacy degree from the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences University (MCPHSU) in Boston, MA, with the vision of being an easily accessible first line provider of patient care. During her studies at MCPHSU, Dr. Arthen desired for a greater focus on prevention and patient empowerment. As she stepped into her career as a pharmacist she sought to learn other healthcare approaches which would value those ideals. This began her logical journey into Naturopathic Medicine. 


         Dr. Arthen earned her doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from the University of Bridgeport in Bridgeport, CT, where she received an award for Naturopathic Philosophy from the College of Naturopathic Medicine. This philosophy is the guiding principal of Dr. Arthen’s approach. It goes beyond the “Drug X is taken for symptom Y” mentality, it goes beyond the “herb X is taken for symptom Y” mentality, it looks at each individual as a whole being— body, mind, and spirit— striving for optimal health, and looks to treat the whole person rather than just their symptoms. 


         In her practice, Dr. Arthen takes the time to understand the full picture of each patient’s health and the way in which it impacts their life. She then partners with the patient to create an attainable plan, utilizing the various tools which naturopathic medicine has to offer. The recommendations she makes are tailored to the individual and  include lifestyle modification, clinical nutrition, mind-body techniques, herbal remedies, craniosacral therapy, along with constitutional homeopathy.  


Earthen Medicine

Dr. Anya Arthen is the founder of Earthen Medicine, a naturopathic practice. The word "Earthen" means of the earth, and is aligned with the belief that human beings are of the earth, and like all natural organisms have the innate ability to thrive and heal, when given the right environment. Earthen Medicine is a practice which aims to educate individuals and communities how to live healthy lives which are attuned with and contribute to the health of the Earth. 

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