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Earthen Medicine

- whole body - whole being - whole health -

I am Dr. Anya Arthen

and I am so happy you found your way here

I am a naturopathic doctor who is excited to serve as your guide to living healthier and feeling better

— body, mind, and soul. 


My approach to health is rooted in the philosophy of naturopathic medicine, the core of which is the understanding that our bodies are of the earth, and like all things in nature they have an innate ability to thrive and heal. I believe that health is not found in the doctor’s office. Rather, it is created at our kitchen counters, in our communities, and with our daily routines. With this in mind I am passionate about helping people find their path to optimal health. 


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Earthen Medicine Offerings

- whole body - whole being - whole health -







Classical Homeopathy

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Earthen Medicine
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